Still no NHL Hockey on the Horizon

The days keep ticking away and the labor dispute in the NHL is still going strong!  The Hockey Players say that they just want to PLAY, the owners say that they just want to be able to put out some games, and yet…  here we are with no hockey to speak of unless of course you are talking about the AHL, the KHL or Fantasy Hockey!

Oh and while on the subject of fantasy hockey the new GM Connected mode in EA Sports NHL 13 is pretty damn awesome, assuming you can find enough people to join a league, and actually care enough to take care of their fantasy hockey players.  But I digress…

Will the NHL have a season?  The optimists say yes, the pessimists say no, the usual of course, so in order to keep us somewhat entertained while we wait for the millionaires and the billionaires to get their acts together, here is a:

Top 10 List of things we Miss the Most about the National Hockey League.

10.  There is nothing quite like a highlight reel package of NHL Goals

9.  Ilya Bryzgalov… Nuff said

8.  Umm, Hockey Fights!

7.  The eternal dream that sees all 6 (now 7) Canadian teams make the playoffs

6.  Players sitting in the box for 2 minutes and, well, and feeling shame

5.  Sidney Crosby continuing to prove he is incredible (that’s right I said it, get over it!)

4.  Gulp, don’t hate me! Don Cherry, I mean common he is a riot!

3.  Bone crushing hits at ridiculously high speeds

2.  Watching a Goalie singlehandedly turn into a Brick wall

and the #1 thing most missed by the absence of an NHL season…

1.  Blindly rooting for your team, regardless of anything!

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